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July 2019.


Tuesday 16th July 2019. 

Inappropriate Adult is now available to pre-order as a digital album on Bandcamp and includes an immediate download and streaming of opening track Pearls:

Monday 15th July 2019.
For those of you that are members of The Global Citizen Vinyl Club on Facebook, pre-orders for the club exclusive Zero Butterfly square clear 7" record close at midnight tonight.
You must place your order by then to qualify for the draw to win a signed white label of the release.
The discs themselves are due to land any time now!
If you're not a member and you would like to get involved, you can sign up here:

Sunday 14th July 2019.
We'll be announcing the release date of the new album Inappropriate Adult soon, unfortunately the vinyl is going to take a lot longer to be pressed than the CD because of production queues, so the release will be in two stages with the CD and digital formats landing in the latter half of August and the vinyl shortly after. Those that have ordered both Vinyl and Cd will have their CD sent ahead, if you've just ordered the vinyl then you'll receive a download link on the day of release so that you don't feel left out, sorry about that, I promised a summer release so I don't want to hold everything up just because of the vinyl, the queues just seem to be getting longer and longer as vinyl continues it's rise in popularity.
The next single to be taken from the album will be WINGS and I'll be heading up to Scotland to film the video July 31st through to August 2nd, really looking forward to that!

Tuesday 9th July 2019.
We placed the order for the CD version of the album today with the manufacturer, the artwork is currently being checked and I will be sent print proofs shortly!
Not quite ready to order the vinyl yet, still a little bit of artwork to complete.

Saturday 6th July 2019.
Today we finally finished mixing the album!
Now it's time for top and tailing, leveling off and final mastering and then we are done!

The CD goes to press by the end of the week and the vinyl hopefully not long after that.
Don't forget that pre-orders are already underway in the shop!


June 2019

Sunday 30th June 2019.
Pre-orders for the brand new album Inappropriate Adult are live now in the !
The first fifty orders for physical copies of the album, whether it's CD or vinyl, or both, will also receive a signed and hand numbered A5 art print of the cover pic painted by my good friend Baz!

Friday 28th June 2019.

Looking forward to traveling up to Scotland at the end of July to film the video for the next single which will be Wings.

Thursday 20th June 2019.

Sign up to join The Global Citizen Vinyl Club on Facebook to be first to hear news on our vinyl releases and get exclusive vinyl only available to members:

Sunday 16th June 2019.
Just ordered the 50 art board prints of the fabulous painting by Baz Dedhevan  which will be given away free to the first 50 physical album orders of Inappropriate Adult through our own store once launched:

Saturday 15th June 2019.

I've just uploaded a short album promo for Inappropriate Adult up on to Youtube featuring clips from all 12 tracks, please bare in mind that at least 50% are not final mixes:

Wednesday  12th June 2019.

The track listing for the new album Inappropriate Adult is decided and is as follows:
1. Pearls
2. Ain't Over Yet
3. Whilst You Were Asleep
4. Tomomi & The No Panties Coffee Shop
5. Back To Square One (We Move In Circles)
6. Shinjuku Chick
7. Scene Of The Crime
8. Shumag
9. Ooh La La (Featuring Mr. Strange)
10. The Luck Of The Draw
11. Wings
12. Whisper In The Dark

The cd version will most likely also include the following bonus tracks:

13. Ain't Over Yet - Single Edit

14. Ain't Over Yet - Minor Mix by Nik Hodges

15. Your Dirty Little Secret

These tracks have already appeared on vinyl elsewhere so won't appear on the vinyl version of the album, the less we squeeze on there the better anyway as far as audio quality is concerned.

Sunday 9th June 2019.

Just got one last song to finish for the new album, it's already fully structured and the vocals done, I've just got to flesh it out a bit, though I think it's going to be quite sparse anyway, all the other tracks are either fully completed or in final production having final tweaks, mixing and magic dust! ;)

Artwork for the cd is complete and just got to finish the on disc labels for the vinyl!

Global Citizen - Inappropriate Adult album Cover

Global Citizen - Inappropriate Adult album Cover